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02 Jan The benefits of Hot Yoga

Three years ago, I stumbled upon Hot Yoga during my quest to attain quiet mind, body and soul.  Leading up to this experience, I struggled with intimidation, anxiety and the realization that my body sometimes reacts to extreme heat.  There was no way that I...

03 Nov Voices of Fibro-Liz Derry

My name is Liz, and I live in Ontario, Canada.   I am 69 years old. I’m not married. My last relationship ended in part because of my illness; he was very active, and I became extremely un-active. No kids. I’m retired now, although I had...

07 Oct Voices of Fibro-Lauren Tait

Your Name (as you want it shared) Lauren Tait   Your Location: Indianapolis, IN   Give me some basics…. Are you married? Kids? Work? What do you enjoy? 26 years old   Currently I live in Indianapolis, IN but dream of living out West!   Work: I am a Certified Professional...

21 Sep Voices of Fibro-Ingrid Campos

1.Your Name (as you want it shared): Ingrid Campos   2.Your Location: Seattle, WA   3.Give me some basics… Are you married? Kids? Work? What do you enjoy? I have an unconventional life which I love. I have my Clan which includes my immediate family, my adult children, and...

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